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(Dr. Garrido conference at IESE Business School Barcelona, Spain)


In recent years the author has lectured in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Vic, Valencia and Tarragona), Italy (Rome), United States (Florida, Los Angeles, Dallas and Boston), Mexico (Mexico City, Monterrey and Veracruz), Venezuela (Caracas), Colombia (Cali, Medellin, Bucaramanga, Barranquilla, Cartagena and Bogota), Peru (Lima), Argentina (B. Aires & Mendoza) and Chile.

Some of his lectures / Keynote Speaker include:



The Royal European Academy of Doctors

Date: March of 2015

Place: Spain, European Union.

Conference theme: "The determinants of Strategic Thinking Schools of East and West and their contribution to the Management in Organizations of the XXI Century"




With his discourse "Determinants of Strategic Thinking Schools of East and West and their contribution to the Management in Organizations of the XXIth Century" Dr. Francisco J. Garrido was admitted in the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain (EU). The author shows in his work as a redefinition of the overall convergent strategy view for the XXI Century is a necessary strategic training both integrative and convergent for business leaders in the contemporary world.

Likewise, the work examined the problem of convergence and training from the perspective of leaders trained in the best business schools in the world (from the perspective of the collection "What is learned in the best world MBA’s" that he directs since 2009 in Editorial Planeta of Spain) and from opinions of those in positions of responsibility in World Class companies (developed in his consulting group in Chile and Spain). The author notes the need to move fast on the training needs of managerial level as globally are showing gaps and needs to show a geometric progression in the qualitative, quantitative, ethical and moral forms.

Dr. Garrido insists on a central consideration in its works: the right strategic training of all time, adjusted to the needs of women and directors of XXI Century CEO’s and Managers, can be a source of wealth and sustainable value over time and warns that superficial strategic training -guided primarily or exclusively for commercial, speculative or simplistic desire- will only what has already been demonstrated in many of the cases of destruction of overall value: for example, the crisis that we have seen in the form of global economic disasters of the recent decades, enhancing poorly thought out ideas and finished worse. Given this overall picture that “affects the modeling of a certain future to present value” (Garrido, 2012) is not but surrender to education and make decisions makers in the XXI Century.

The Dr. Garrido act in to the Royal Academy was published in the official news paper of Spain and his speech was applauded by the 200 attending the ceremony last March 5, 2015, in the presence of his family, friends, colleagues and postgraduate students..
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Global Social Business Forum 2014

Monterrey TEC of México & Muhammad Yunnus Fundation

Date: November 27-28 of 2014

Place: Bancomer Conference Center, México D.F.

Conference Theme: introduction to the 2020 strategic scenarios for global social agenda and presenting a business perspective Mintzberg own model for the "Social Rebalance" 2014.



Title: Shaping Social Business: Scenarios Planning for 2020

Dr. Lani Fraizer
Founder and Managing Director, iWE Studio (USA)
Assistant Professor, California State University Sacramento (USA)
Adjunct Instructor, Pepperdine University (USA)

Dr. Francisco Javier Garrido,
Managing Director, EBS Consulting Group (Chile)
International Dean of Graduate Business School (Chile & Spain)

Social business is a changemaking practice dedicated to enacting system wide, revolutionary change for eradicating poverty. As the world evolves, this changemaking work too requires a “perpetual evolution of practice” in order to change with new demands, requirements, and social issues of the future.  Life for these changemakers is joyful, but not always easy, and it is a real possibility that their plight for eradicating poverty may outlast their lifespan. Neither social businesses nor social entrepreneurs alone can expect to provide a complete social solution to global issues of eradication of poverty. Researchers, social scientists and industry practitioners in other disciplines can play a vital role in the process. They can be particularly useful in enacting measures to ensure that the need of the population(s) in question are given proper consideration and are not further marginalized by well-intentioned organizations. Educators within the community, whether or not in formalized (traditional) settings, must also have a place at the table as they bring insight into the lives of learners. Hence, in an increasingly interdependent, and increasingly tech-savvy, world economy, partnerships between tribes, cities, counties, national governments, nonprofits, academia, scientists and social scientists, and the private sector are more critical than ever before. 

In this regard, social businesses need all the resources they can get to help prepare for uncertainties toward 2020.  In this presentation, we will explore Scenarios practice and theory to help explore this question: How can social businesses prepare for uncertainties toward 2020?

We will also explore the following questions specifically as it applies to social business: How do scenarios, strategic planning and forecasting relate to each other? What can social business owners influence in the context of their organization’s past, present and future success? .
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Doctor Honoris Causa

Lishui University of China (丽水学院是)

Date: December of 2012

Place: Chinese Consulate in Barcelona, Spain.

Conference theme: "Strategic Convergence", in gratitude for the high honor of being invested with the highest award granted in academia, by Lishui University of China in December 2012



They were awarded the degrees of Doctor Honoris Causa in a solemn ceremony at the Chinese Embassy in the presence of the General Consul of the Republic of China, Mr. Yan Banghuaen, outstanding teachers Mr. Lorenzo Gascon (Vice President of the Royal Spanish Academy Economic and Financial) Science and Mr. Francisco Javier Garrido, "For excellence in academic and research contributions in Economics and Strategy" respectively. They have accompanied the Lishui University Awarded by the Lords Aluja Jaime Gil, President of the Royal Academy of Economics and Finance; Mr. Dídac Ramírez, rector of the University of Barcelona; Mr. Eduard Wrinkle, President of the Catalan Society of Economics; Mr. Joaquim Gay Montello, National President of Foment del Treball; Mr. Antoni Pont Amenós, President of Borges SA; Mr. Ricardo Fornesa, Former President of Aguas de Barcelona and La Caixa; Mr. Manuel Malagrida, President of the Real Club de Golf de la Cerdanya; Mr. José Juan Pinto-Ruiz, President of the Caja de Ahorros y Monte Piedad; Mr. Juan Pujol, General Secretary of Foment del Treball Nacional, along with numerous academics and national press.
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Army War College

Country: Chile (2015)

Place: Aula Magna

Tema de la conferencia: "Strategic Convergence"

Dr. Garrido was the only civilian research fellow for the second time the annual conference developed at the War College Ajército of Chile (1886, fourth oldest of its kind in the world school). This century-old institution and principal forum for Strategic Studies of Chile has had more than 200 guests in this version of the Strategic Leadership Seminar.




World Best MBA’s Book Presetation on Barcelona, Spain

European Union

Date: November, 2012

Place: Montserrat Caballé Salon, Círculo del Liceu Club of Barcelona

Conference Theme: book presentation



The conference presentation of the new book of the collection that directs Dr. Garrido in Spain (which includes chapters teachers and prestigious Business School’s worldwide) was development in the presence of important guests, and the prestigious Circle del Liceu Barcelona, meeting place of culture and intellectuality of European and Catalan cultured society since 1847 and has been rewarded with figures like Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Placido Domingo.



Barcelona University Conference

Faculty of Economy and Business

Date: May, 2012

Place: Aula Magna

Conference theme: "Strategists: lessons for all time, for the Managers of the XXI Century"

UB 2012-1     UB 2012-3

UB 2012-4  UB 2012-5   UB 2012-6     

The conference presentation of the new book by Dr. Garrido at the University of Barcelona development in the presence of important academic and before a classroom full of students, who waited a long time for the author’s signature on a copy of the book. The images portray some aspect of your conference (560 years of life and one of the most reputable universities in the world).



Conference on el IESE Business School

(Navarra UNiversity)

Country: Spain

Place: Aula Magna IESE Business School, Pedralbes

IESE 2    IESE 1

Conference theme: Strategic thinking (invited to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of IESE)

More than 400 guests attended this conference sponsored by the Circle of Alumni of IESE and sponsored by Editorial Deusto multinational Grupo Planeta de Agostini. The guests were welcomed at the Aula Magna with words of praise for the work of Dr. Garrido, who shared with Dr. Mintzberg. At the end of the conference the author an interesting round of questions was made.

  Link: presentation audio





Conferencia en el ESERP Business School (Barcelona)

Country: Spain

Place: Aula Magna ESERP Barcelona

Conference theme: "Thinking about future time, acting in real time"


Aspects of the 25th conference and book launch day 26. The conference attendees were more than 600 guests and students

MBA’s, who have repleted the Great Hall of the Business School in three days (Barcelona, 2010).

Link to conference video



Executive Business School conference

Country: Chile (2010)

Place: Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Conference theme: Book Presentation

As part of the launch of their work, "The Soul of the Strategist" Dr. Garrido gave a lecture at the

Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Santiago de Chile, invited by the prestigious Diario Financiero Chile and sponsored by Executive Business School. The work was presented by the Director of the Journal, Mr. William Turner Olea and the intellectual and academic Dr. Sergio Melnick.

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Conference and Class (Dallas, EE.UU.)

Country: United States

Place: Neeley School of Business conference room, Texas University

Conference theme: "Corporate Responsability & Management"


In Neeley School of Business at Texas University, Dr. Garrido has developed an interesting Team Teaching

Together with his colleague Alexia (Lex) Perryman, MBA Faculty member of the Business School in the United States.




Cuyo National University

Country: Argentina (2010)

Place: Aula Magna, Faculty of Business

Conference theme: "Forward-looking thinking, acting in real time"


Aspect of the conference and attendees (Days of Economics, UNC Mendoza, 2010). Every two years the UNC conducts its conference, the

usually invite prominent speakers. On the occasion Dr. Garrido received the honor of chairing the conference center as Key Note Speaker, before more

300 people.




Veracruz University (Mexico)

Country: Mexico (2005)

Place: Aula Magna

Conference theme: "Strategic Thinking School’s"


The author was awarded "Visit Ilustre" by the City Council of the City of Veracruz (Mexico) and the University has awarded him as "Professor

Fee "for his contributions to the world of Management and Strategy in the Spanish-speaking world. Appearance of the conference, launching and signing

Some of his books have been participants.




Barcelona University Summer Lecture

Country: Spain (2003)

Place: Aula Magna, Economy and Business School

Conference theme: "Scenario Analysis and Investment Strategy"


Aspects of the inauguration of Honorary Professor of the University of Barcelona and Bosh i Gimperat Award

"Dr. Francisco Javier Garrido, issued its long-awaited Summer Lecture at the School of Business Administration at the University of Barcelona. This conference defined as the most prestigious and spirit under the end of the academic activities of the UB was delivered by Dr. Garrido Tuesday November 21 at 18:45. this part of the joint activities that the University of Barcelona and ESERP made in favor of the university extension of the Business School ".

"With an exclusive compound of authorities and academic auditorium Dr. Garrido referred to the concept of strategy in the framework of the strategy for developing nations. The audience was composed by Mr. Pere Torrá, Director General of Universities Catalonia, Dr. Joan Francesc Pont Clemente, Director of the School of Business Administration, Dr. Joan Ramón Rodorera, Vice President for Graduate Studies of the UB, Dr. Agustí Ten, Director General of the UBV, Dr. Josep Daniel Barquero, General Manager ESERP University Foundation; Dr. Agusti Casals, Director of External Relations, heads of departments, professors of postgraduate and business executives, among those present ".

"The round of questions spread over an hour, demonstrating the interest that the issue has aroused among those present. At the end of the ceremony and presentation of awards, it has offered a dinner on the premises of the Faculty of Economics and business, in honor of the guests. "
(official text of the statement of the University)



He has taught and teaches at graduate in United States, Holland, Spain, Italy, Chile, Peru, Mexico and Argentina. Currently he teaches classes in the US, & Spain.



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