Francisco J Garrido


Afiliations & Membership / 所属机构和成员

These are the current affiliations of the author in international professional and academic institutions:


Fellow of The Royal European Academy of Doctors (RAED)


The European High Counsell of Doctors (EU)


Oxford Business Alumni (OBA) and contributor of Green Templeton College of Oxford (UK)


Former Dean and Strategic Professor of Executive Business School (Latam)



Visitor Professor and LatAm Proyects Director of ESERP School of Business & Social Science (Spain)




Member of the Harvard Business School Strategic IQ Group (Boston, United States)



Member & founder of The Corporate Level Strategy Group created in Boston by Alumni & Practitioners (Harvard Business School, 2010).


Member of The Academy of Management (AOM), in the United States.


By 2004 is official Member of Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Ciencias Empresariales of Spain, EU



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