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Some of the author’s interviews in media such as CNN, TVE and selected presentations are available on the Web support from this location (click on image to go to the link):


Planeta DeAgostini Authors: Interviews by Prfessor’s Garrido, Ricart & Ghemawat (I)

Location: IESE Business School (Barcelona, July, 2014)

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Authors Interviews: Professor’s Ghemawat, Ricart & Garrido (II)

Location: IESE Business School (Barcelona, July, 2014)


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Autores Planeta DeAgostini: Entrevista en IESE Business School (Barcelona, Julio, 2014)

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Video made at the Consulate of China, in the context of delivering his Doctorate Honoris Causa (2012).

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Link to more videos & spanish interviews


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