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Knowledge sharing is a way to transcend and grow, the original great masters of the Strategy have left us and as with real transcendent that even today retain jobs in the contemporary world: 孫子兵 法. It is a count input of the best schools of strategic thinking in the world, which enters honor, alomenos China has 2500 years of history recounted in his most significant work.

In this section we just wanted to share some jobs available in PDF version, papers and articles published in the United States, Europe and China, both in books and in Journals Research in Management and Strategy. Dr. Garrido maintains a constant series of collaborations in specialized media. In addition to published articles, can be soiicitar authorized its major papers and articles copies. Here are incorporated some of his ideas and most representative articles published in different countries and languages:



- "Lessons on Leadership and Network: from 700 meters below the earth ’s surface":  a Knowledge@Wharton discusses the lessons that can be learned from their experience. Garrido is a partner and director of EBS Consulting Group (Spain-Chile), Dean of Executive Business School and director of the ESERP Business School in Latin America (2011).




- "Les Pourquoi da la Stratégie": Ce travail traite du concept de Stratégie et ses origines centenaires, explicant son influence et son importance pour la formation de cadres dans le monde des affaires. Le travail aboutit sur une ébauche des raisons qui nous mènent à la pratique de la stratégie et vers la conquête de buts très concrets et pragmatiques dans le monde de l´entreprise. Egalement, le travail nous introduit dans les salles de classe des Business School´s –où se forment les cadres modernes- répondant au sens original de la conception stratégique, qui dépasse celui de la planification (France indexed Journal).





- "Ancient Knowledge For A New Cooperation Strategic Model: a bridge to the oriental and occidental school’s of strategic thinking": In this paper we describe how the strategos must deal with balance and dynamic tension generated by the possible intromission of “illusory” and “past” elements in his strategic decision making for cooperation or competition. This possibilities weaken the collapsing alternative of searched reality, as well as remembering past problems rearmed in the present decision making, which doesn’t do more than limiting the possibilities (digging past difficulties, as if they still exist is, at least, a waste of time). Looking towards the future (there is no other possibility in the strategic field), knowing how to select what is relevant from the past for decision making is an act of balance, wisdom and survival for the companies and countries in the whole world (Chineese Journal).



- "Strategic Convergence": this paper deals with the relations and missing links in the West on the basis and origins of the study of strategy, whose birthplace in East is enriching and requires rebuilding bridges, to return to the origin (written for the inauguration of Doctor Honoris Causa Lishui University in December 2012).



- "Effective and Innovative growth and competitiveness Business Practices: grow in times of crisis and complexity in the markets": writing paper co-authored by Drs Jaime Alonso Gómez (EGADE, TEC de Monterrey) and Francisco Javier Garrido (EXECUTIVE Business School). October 2011.



- "Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning": paper by Francisco Javier Garrido (EXECUTIVE Business School, Founder and Member of Harvard Business School Corporate Level Strategy Group). Nov, 2010.



- "How to communicate the strategy effectively" Dr. Garrido article published in Harvard Deusto Business Review, from his work in Editorial Deusto. Bookseller 3322 (2010).


- "How to communicate the strategy effectively" Article taken from the book by Dr. Garrido, selected and highlighted by the journal Effective Management in Europe in its issue No. 289 (2009).


Another Works


"Scuola Americana ed Europea: tendendo ponti pratici per la impresa"

By Francisco J. Garrido


"Lições de liderança e de trabalho em equipe"

By Francisco J. Garrido

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By Francisco J. Garrido



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This is a copy of one of the most recent conference that Dr. Garrido has prepared for its line of interest in the issues of Social Business. This presentation was made at the World Congress, invited by Yunus Foundation in Mexico DF.


Global Social Business Forum 2014

Monterrey TEC of México & Muhammad Yunnus Fundation

Date: November 27-28 of 2014

Conference Theme: introduction to the 2020 strategic scenarios for global social agenda and presenting a business perspective based on ideas of Professor Mintzberg model for the "Social Rebalance" 2014.





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