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The author has been featured by magazines the World Economic Forum, Knowledge Wharton, Harvard Business Review, and in public media such as CNN, Journals like Oxford News and Newspapers like Expansion, ABC, The Day, The Voice of China, among other means. This means last prestigious pointed him as one who "has developed a consistent own career in the academic world, from the hand of their interests and motivations". Recognized as an outstanding confrencista in Europe and America, Dr. Garrido has left an imprint of consistency, novelty and dynamic in their classes and lectures applauded. This is a selection of some chronic and prominent media interviews in Asia, Europe and America:

Interview on strategy and business



United Kingdom

Newsletter: Oxford Alumni Executive Education

Cover admission to the Royal Academy of Doctors In my capacity as a former Oxford Business School student.





Newspaper: The Voice of China

Interview and coverage of this important medium on the lecture by Dr. Garrido and his award honorary doctor of Lishui University of China.




Newspaper: Ohua News:

"Two prominent professors honored by Lishui University"

Press, China (2012). A root of the investiture of Doctor Honoris Causa in China, the prestigious journal Ohua News highlights Dr. Garrido next to Vice President of the Royal Spanish Academy of Economics and Finance of Spain, as two detacadas 2012 figures in the world of economics and international strategy.





Medio: Prensa

Spain / EU

Capital Magazine: "Successful conference at IESE Business School"

The average outstanding Madrid highlights the conference applauded Dr. Garrido at IESE Business School in Barcelona (School No. 1 in Europe to date) with Dr. Henry Mintzberg.


United States / Latam

Harvard Business Review (LA): "The Chosen One of Planeta"

Harvard Business Review interview Dr. Garrido at the time the Multinational Planeta Agostini Group will record to take care of the most prestigious world collection of MBAs in Spanish speaking.




United States / LatAm

CNN Enterview: "Dr. Garrido Direction of the Europe Collection How to Choose an MBA"


United States

Knowledge Wharton: "Lessons from une thousend meetrs unther the earth"

En esta ocasión se analiza la compra por parte del Grupo Luksic, a través de inversiones "Quiñenco", de Shell en Chile (01 de Abril, 2011)


Spain, EU

Newspaper interview: La Gaceta de los Negocios (Spain)

This european economic reputed newspaper interview on the back of the week edition to Dr. Garrido, following the success of his work in Europe.


Spain, EU

Best Seller featured on ABC

The media has highlighted the work presented by Francisco Javier Garrido and Henry Mintzberg ("Strategic Thinking") between the European Best Seller on issues of strategy between 2007 and 2008.


United States / Latam

Interview Harvard Business Review

This means relating to the world of Management interview with Dr. Garrido within your special graduate. The author of the "Guide to Choosing an MBA" in Spain provides a brief orientation of ten points to look for in choosing this type of program.



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