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Member of the Royal European Academy of Doctors (EU), Member of the Illoustrious Iberoamerican Academy of Doctors (México), Dr. Honoris Causa in Management and Strategy (Lishui University, China), PhD in Management & DBA (EU); Master of Business Administration-International MBA (Queens University Business School, UK), Master of Applied Communications (ULC-Michigan State University), BBA in Business Management (ESERP Barcelona Business School, ​​Spain) and Bachellor in Marketing and Business-BBA (IIPS of Paris, France). It’s graduated in Management (Faculty of Economics, UB), DDE Strategy (IESE Business School-University of Navarra, Spain), Diploma and Certificate in Strategy (Harvard Business School, USA) and Scenario Planning Certificate Strategic (Oxford University, Säid Business School). He is Honorary Professor at the Universities of Barcelona, ​​Girona, Tarragona, Veracruz, Vic and Zheijiang. He is Founder and Member of First Harvard Business School Corporate Level Strategy Group in Boston (MA, USA).

In March 2015 has been received in solemn session at the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain, on merit and ability, so it’s creditor rights and honors the Statutes of the Real Corporation awarded him.

In December 2012 he was awarded the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa by Lishui University (丽水 学院 是) of China, for their contributions to knowledge management and dissemination of strategic thinking with a converging vision between East and West.

In April 2011 he was recognized by the Royal Academy of Economics and Finance of Spain, for his contributions to knowledge and dissemination of strategic thinking.

He is the author of over a dozen books in Latin America, Europe and the United States. Director of the collection "What is learned in the best MBA" published in Spain by the multinational Planeta DeAgostini (bestseller in Europe, 2009-2010) and the guide "Choosing an MBA". It was creator and director of graduate schools in Europe and Latin America. His current area of ​​interest is the Strategy Formulation and the Applied Strategic Thinking.


Academic Performance

With over twenty years of academic vocation Dr. Garrido do lectures and classes in graduate programs and MBA in Europe and America. He has been advisor to the creation of five Business School’s world standard. He has created and directed MBA and PhD programs in Europe and the only program accredited as Master in Strategy in Canada and Spain. He is an academic and advisor to programs Research Master and Doctorate in Management for Business School’s in Europe and LatAm. He combines its business activities in its Consultant with their academic work in Latin America, Europe and the United States.


Image: Professor Garrido and a student in Harvard Business School (2013)


Image: Professor Garrido, Collins and Mehutra in Harvard Business School (2010)


Image: Professor Garrido and a brillant student in Oxford University Said Business School (2015)


Image: Dr. Garrido & Dr. Pankaj Ghemawat sharing an academic activity in IESE Business School (2014)



Professional Performance

In the business sphere, since 1999 Dr. Garrido is managing partner of consulting firm EBS Consulting Gorup, with offices in Barcelona and Santiago de Chile and associate offices in LatAm. He is also occupies a chair on the board of a corporation and works with nonprofit foundations.

As a consultant he has developed an important activity in multinational and local companies, both in Europe and in the world.


Image: Dr. Garrido and Dr. Ray Kurzweil in a meeting on 2013

Honors & Awards


The Royal European Academy of Doctors

Fellow, Spain, European Union (2015)


The Illustrious Iberoamerican Academy of Doctors 

Honorary Member, México (2014)

The European High Counsell of Doctors

Researcher Merit Title

European Union (2010)



University Honors & Recognition


Doctor Honoris Causa

Lishui University (丽水学院是)

China (2012)


"Premio Pilar Mayón to the Academic and Research Contribution in Spain"

Fundación Bosch i Gimperat

Barcelona University, Spain (2003)


"Honorary Professor", ESERP School of Business & Social Science

Barcelona, Spain (2003)

"Honorary Professor and Illustrious Visitor", Veracruz University

University and the City of Veracruz, México (2004)


"Honorary Professor", Barcelona University

Escuela de Ciencias Empresariales, Barcelona, España (2005)


"Honorary Professor", Girona University

Barcelona, Spain (2005)

"Honorary 50th years Speaker", IESE Business School

Navarra University, Spain (2007)

"Honorary Outstanding Professor", Zheijiang Public University

Academy of Arts, Business and Economics, China (2007)



"Founding Member of the Harvard Business School Corporate Level Satrategy Group", Harvard Business School

Boston, MA, United States (2010)


"Certificate of Recognition", Neeley School of Business, Texas C. University

Texas, United States (2010)


"Recognition of his work Research and publication in the field of Business Strategy"

Barcelona University, Faculty of Economy and Business, Barcelona, Spain (2011)



"Recognition of his contribution in the field of business strategy and its publications on the impact of this in the modern world"

International Congress on Cost Control, Held at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Barcelona under the patronage of the Royal Academy of Economics and Finance of Spain

Catalonia, Spain (2012)


"Honorary Professor for their contributions to Management and Strategy in Europe and America"

Manizales University, Colombia (2014)



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